Dynamoterror paper is PeerJ top 5 viewed articles in 2018

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It is awesome to see our discoveries being shared around the world! So proud of our teams hard work over the years! Can't wait to see what new fauna we can add to this important time period.

PeerJ Top 5 most viewed Evolutionary Studies, Paleontology and Taxonomy article published in 2018 with 14,154 views. A new tyrannosaurid (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the Upper Cretaceous Menefee Formation of New Mexico

July 4 2018 Holiday Hours

WMDEC will be open Monday through Friday 10:00am to 5:00pm July 2-6 2018 for our holiday visitors.

Friday July 6 2018 Field Trip to the Triassic to search for giant crocodiles and early dinosaurs. Meeting at WMDE at 9:00am till 1:30 fee Call for prices 480-202-8362.

Closed July 7&8, 2018 to attend White Mountain Gem & Mineral Show at the Hon Dah Casino in Pinetop.

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New Science program "Exploring the Past to Meet the Future"

The White Mountain Independent has featured our partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Round Valley in the first of many programs.

WMDEC will be providing field trips and classes throughout the school year; as well as contributing a permanent 'exploration kit' to the club. The program will conclude with a Science Exposition that involving the community on May 5, 2017.

Check back hear for more information on community involement.

Zuni Basin Paleontological Project 20 year Anniversary

Veterans Day 2016 marks the 20 year anniverary of Douglas, Hazel & Christopher Wolfe discovering the Zuni Basin with Zuniceratops christopheri and 3 othr new species of dinosaurs as well as an ecosystem from 90mya.

It is with great joy that we are now devoting our lives full time to scientific research and education programs here in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona.

We look forward to many more discoveries and sharing them with you!

Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Conference 2016

Thank you to all our supporters who made it possible for us to attend this important conference! It was the largest meeting of SVP. It was fantastic to see so many young people and lots of young women. It is amazng how much technology is changing the study of paleontology. We are honored to be a part of SVP helping to understand our planet and preserving this knowledge for generations to come.