A brief history of our projects

Zuni basin Paleontology Project (1996-Present)

Started by the Wolfe family in 1996 Zuni Basin Paleontology Project is the precursor of WMDEC. Focusing on the 90 million year old middle cretaceous; the project has produced numerous peer reviewed papers, named three new dinosaurs, and been host to numerous students and acclaimed scientists. The project's collection, re-posited at the Arizona Museum of Natural History (AzMNH), is a source of ongoing scientific research.

Menefee Project (2011-Present)

Started by Doug Wolfe and Andrew McDonald to explore the next chronological step in time 80 million years ago. This on going project is the current focus of WMDEC, taking multiple expeditions each field season. The sheer volume of new and undescribed fossil material produced by this project will provide data and research material for many years to come and has so far produced X scientific papers.