Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Conference 2016

Thank you to all our supporters who made it possible for us to attend this important conference! It was the largest meeting of SVP. It was fantastic to see so many young people and lots of young women. It is amazng how much technology is changing the study of paleontology. We are honored to be a part of SVP helping to understand our planet and preserving this knowledge for generations to come.

White Mountain Dinosaur Exploration Center Activities Summer 2016

20 Year Anniversary

This year will mark the 20th anniversay of the Wolfe families first discovery and the foundation of the Zuni Basin Paleontology Project.

Throught the year we will be publishing retrospectives, summaries, new research, and even media, based on the findings of the Zuni project. Even more exiting is the upcoming Menefee Project field season, the ongoing development of exhibits and in house programs at the Center, as well as new partnerships and projects we wish we could tell you more about now.

Check back soon for more frequent updates.